Commercial and Public

We represent the engineering of our country and INTERRA qualities in domestic and foreign markets with special projects such as commercial, public projects, university, high-security facilities and so on.

Our solutions, that can manage themselves, reduce energy and maintenance costs, offer many advantages in office and public integrations.

Using the Building Automation System has become a necessity for a healthy and economical communication in buildings where the technical systems are scattered. Mechanical and electrical systems in a building make up a considerable part of the total cost of the building. These systems provide services such as heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting, (elevators, escalators etc.). Operating and maintaining these systems require much more than the other services in the building. This is why building owners and managers have to find control methods that will enable these systems to operate more effectively and efficiently.  This is more important in large and widespread settlements such as head offices, airports, hospitals, universities, and factories.

Our commercial and public project solutions are also part of our basic philosophy

  • Self-managing buildings

  • Offices

  • Providing full-fledged, environmentally sensitive and adequate lighting

  • Special controls and limits

  • Energy-saving

  • Office - Hospital

  • School - Public Buildings

INTERRA solution for the optimal work environment

Lighting according to the environment; our automation solution detects the ambient light value and determines the light value of the lamps.

Slow and steady light and temperature changes are made in the building by tracking the sun, wind and other environments outside the building with sensors

The most favorable work environment is created in the building

A reliable system

Automation systems play an important role in controlling the consumption of building management centers, facility management offices.

Energy saving 

Self-managing system



An important feature of future buildings consists of communicating with other systems in the building on the common platform and monitoring from the center where the controls are made.

Our solutions that can self-manage and reduce energy and maintenance costs offer many advantages in office and public integrations.

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